Why join Hospersa?

Why join Hospersa? Take a look at the many benefits below:

1.       Individual indemnity cover of up to two million rand per member.

2.       Death benefit for principal members after 6 months of membership.

3.       Professional legal assistance for labour-related issues at the bargaining council, CCMA and Labour Court.

4.       Collective bargaining negotiating salaries and other substantive conditions of employment.

5.       Trained, democratically-elected shop stewards.

6.       Representation at disciplinary hearings, grievance procedures and incapacity processes.

7.       Representation on various committees, including Employment Equity and OHS.

8.       General Meetings with members.

9.       Bilateral meetings with management.

10.   Service provider benefits including discounts on services and stays at holiday resorts.

The Health and Other Service Personnel Trade Union of South Africa, better known as Hospersa, is one of the oldest and most trusted employee organisations in our beautiful country. Having started in the form of various personnel associations in the late 1950s, the workers soon took hands to form one of the greatest forces in the labour relations arena. After the promulgation of the Labour Relations Act in 1995, Hospersa became a fully-fledged trade union and has operated within the ambit of the law ever since.  As a politically non-aligned trade union, Hospersa is:

  1. Independent from the influence of government, political parties, companies or other agents;
  2. Democratic in its administration, so it gives members a vote and a say in how the union operates; and
  3. Transparent, so union members can see how their union dues are spent.


  • Hospersa is led by a democratically elected leadership that operates without political affiliation. In other words, Hospersa exists entirely to serve the interests of workers.
  • As an affiliate of FEDUSA (the Federation of Unions of South Africa), Hospersa is not required to serve the goals of the tripartite alliance.
  • As the second-largest member of the Independent Labour Caucus (ILC) at the Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council, better known as the PSCBC, all of Hospersa’s conduct in negotiations is mandate-driven. In addition, Hospersa has no affiliation with health care employers and no shareholdings that represent a conflict of interest.
  • Hospersa has implemented sound fiscal discipline, earning a clean “bill of health” in successive audits.  This means that we spend our members’ money wisely and efficiently.
  • Hospersa is organised from offices in all nine provinces* as well as two national offices, located in Hillcrest (KwaZulu-Natal) and Centurion (Gauteng).

Should you not yet be a member, Join Hospersa Today by completing the Application and submitting it to your Shop Steward or Union Representative.