Who We Represent - Private and Public Sectors

Hospersa is a trade union that will represent employees in the Public Service as well as in the Private Sector. Hospersa can also represent/ organise members in nongovernmental organisations and parastatals.

Public Sector

Public Health All institutions under the national and provincial Departments of Health, e.g. hospitals, nursing colleges, etc.

Public Welfare All institutions under the national and provincial Departments of Social Services and Population Development, e.g. rehabilitation centres, places of safety, etc.

General Public Service All national and provincial departments, e.g. Public Works, Sport and Recreation, Finance, Treasury, Transport, Science, Arts and Culture, Justice, Correctional Services, etc.

Education All teachers employed in the Public Service.

Private Sector

Private Health All private hospitals and health care institutions, e.g. Netcare, Afrox, Medi-Clinic, independent hospitals, South African National Health, Blood Services, National Health Laboratory Services, pharmacies, rehabilitation centres, etc.

Private Welfare Private and NGO institutions rendering welfare services, e.g. old-age homes, frail care centres, community welfare organisations, South African National Council for the Blind, SANTA, South African Society for the Mentally Handicapped, etc.

Private General These include KZN Wildlife, South African National Parks, cleaning services, security services, etc

Hospersa therefore has 7 sectoral representatives representing members on the National and Provincial Executive Committees (NEC & PEC).