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23 May 2018


Hospersa has welcomed the resignation of North West (NW) Premier, Supra Mahumapelo following endless calls for his resignation.  The Union reiterates its request to the political heads to appoint a credible replacement that will prioritise the resuscitation of the health care service in the NW Province which has all but collapsed under Mahumapelo’s leadership.  Hospersa also aims to seek legal advice regarding the North West Department of Health’s failure to provide a safe working environment for its members during the unrest where its members are barred from resuming their duties in a number of hospitals and clinics that remain closed.

Finally the NW Premier has resigned following mounting pressure from not just the NW community but from his political party, the African National Congress (ANC).  His long overdue resignation comes at the time when violent protests have been the order of the day in the NW Province bringing many essential services to a standstill.  The hardest hit department during the violent protests is the province’s Department of Health which has also been affected by a lengthy labour unrest.

“We welcome the NW Premier’s resignation,” said Hospersa Public Relations Officer Kevin Halama.  “The province must now focus on a new era that is corrupt-free and driven by quality service delivery.  We also have renewed hope that the issues affecting the province’s DoH will now be adequately addressed,” added Halama.

Two weeks ago, Cabinet decided to invoke Section 100 (1) (b) of the Constitution, effectively putting the whole provincial administration under National Government’s administration.  The appointed administrator in the province’s DoH  has vowed to invite Hospersa to participate in a meeting to introduce section 100 (1) (b) and to discuss all issues brought forward by Hospersa and other unions.  Some of the issues on the agenda includes the suspension of the Head of Department (HOD), staff shortages, corruption and maladministration, implementation of the Performance Management Development System (PMDS) and Occupation Specific Dispensation (OSD) as well as the outsourcing and insourcing of services in the province.

“We will welcome the invitation by the administrator to participate in this meeting as we are one of the major unions in the NW DoH.  Our expectations from this meeting is for our members’ genuine demands to be addressed and for timelines on full impementation to be agreed upon,” said Hospersa Public Relations Officer Kevin Halama. 

Since last year, protests in the NW Province have become common whereby communities have frequently gone to the streets to show their frustrations over service delivery.  The recent protests and the labour unrest in the NW DoH have all but collapsed the delivery of health care services in the province.  Hospersa has been very vocal about the dangers of allowing political issues to overshadow health workers’ genuine demands.  The Union has slammed the call for a shutdown of health services in the province citing that innocent community members are being made to suffer as a result of the labour unrest.

“Hospersa condemns the fact that hospitals and clinics remain closed,” said Halama.  “The closure of health facilities in the province is being used as a bargaining chip and this has had an adverse effect as community members are now forced to bare the brunt,” added Halama.

“We have also taken a decision to seek legal advice regarding the NW DoH’s failure to provide a safe working environment for our members during the labour unrest,” said Halama.  “This decision is based on reports of intimidation from our members whereby their lives are being threatened if they perform their duties by the striking employees.  What is more alarming is that senior government officials in the province have allowed the intimidation of our members to become the norm by not intervening.  The Labour Relations Act (LRA) is unambiguous on the employer’s responsibility to provide its employees with a safe working environment and should our members be penalized for the labour unrest, we will reserve our rights,” added Halama.


“Hospersa will continue campaigning for an improved health care service that is corrupt-free, that adequately addresses issues of health workers and one that puts the needs of community members first,” concluded Halama.




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