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19 July 2017


Hospersa members at South African National Parks (SANParks) are effectively embarking on industrial action after mediation by the Senior Commissioner from the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) could not end the impasse. Parties are still deadlocked with Hospersa members demanding a 9% increase while SANParks is only offering 6%.

Hospersa members at SANParks have embarked on industrial action effectively from this morning.  This is after the mediation by the CCMA Senior Commissioner could not break the deadlock.  Hospersa members are demanding 9% wage increase while SANParks is only offering 6%.  The industrial action will affect operations at all of the 19 national parks managed by SANParks across South Africa.  They include the Kruger National Park, Agulhas National Park, Mokala National Park, Namaqua National Park, Mapungubwe National Park and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park to name a few.  During the industrial action, the day-to-day services like housekeeping and visitors’ activities like guided walks and game drives will be disrupted while petrol filling stations will remain unmanned.  Visitors will have difficulty accessing the parks at entrance gates and camp receptions where services will also be affected.

“We are now finalising the picketing rules with SANParks and our members have downed tools from this morning,” said Hospersa General Secretary Noel Desfontaines.  “We commend the Senior Commissioner’s intervention in trying to assist parties to avert the strike.  Unfortunately parties still could not break the deadlock and now our members are exercising their right to embark on industrial action,” added Desfontaines.

 “SANParks has stated that they are offering a 6% plus 1% pay progression which according to them is a 7% offer,” said Desfontaines.  “It is important to note that the 1% pay progression is only for those employees who will be benefiting from the introduction of salary notches as a response to salary disparities.  Therefore it is incorrect to state that their offering a 7% increase when this offer is only applicable to the qualifying employees,” argued Desfontaines.

“We remain adamant that parties can still end the impasse.  An industrial action of this nature will impact the country’s tourism revenue, conservation efforts at some of the parks and our member’s income.  We have a mandate from our members for a better offer but are amicable to move from our current position provided the employer improves on its offer,” concluded Desfontaines.



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