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18 February 2022


Hospersa, which is the majority Union at NETCARE, has declared a dispute over salary increases with the Hospital giant.  Parties failed to reach an agreement and are now heading to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) to try and end the impasse.  Hospersa has accused Netcare of failing to pay its employees fair wages while splurging millions of Rands to top executives on bonuses.  The Union has vowed to continue fighting for better remuneration and improved working conditions for the benefit of its members.

On 12 February 2022, Hospersa lodged a dispute against NETCARE at the CCMA after parties failed to reach an agreement on salary increases for 2022/23.  At the core of the dispute is the percentage for salary increases and the medical aid subsidy increase.  While Hospersa is demanding an across the board (ATB) salary increase of 5,5% and a 5,5% medical aid subsidy increase, NETCARE is offering a 4,6% ATB salary increase and a 4,06% increase for the medical aid subsidy.  Both parties are now waiting for the CCMA to announce a date for the compulsory arbitration in an effort to end the impasse. 

“Hospersa has referred the matter to the CCMA for compulsory arbitration,” said Hospersa Acting Executive Manager Johnny Harinarain.  “Our members have given us a mandate to reject NETCARE’s offer and proceed with finding a resolution at the CCMA.  We are confident that Commissioner will rule in our favour and issue a ruling which will force Netcare to improve on its offer,” added Harinarain.

Hospersa has also accused NETCARE of not honouring its own values.  It is alleged that in its Annual General Report, NETCARE confirmed that it will pay above inflation-linked salary increases to its staff members.  It is also alleged that the Hospital giant made a profit in the excess of R88 million and paid its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) an annual bonus in excess of R5 million.  These figures have angered the Union and have vowed to continue fighting for improved remuneration and working conditions for their members.

“It has always been our argument that NETCARE can afford to pay its staff members a better salary increase,” said Harinarain.  “This notion is confirmed in their Annual General Report and supported by profit figures which the hospital giant has been able to rake in at the back of our members hard labour,” argued Harinarain.

“It is our duty to ensure that employers fully appreciate the critical work done by these frontline workers.  Hospersa remains committed in fighting for improved working conditions and better remuneration at NETCARE,” concluded Harinarain. 



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