Gender Equality in South Africa

Hospersa is committed to gender equality; a non-racial, non-sexist democratic South Africa free of oppression, social and economic exploitation and any form of unfair discrimination. Hospersa further recognises that women have a long way to go to truly experience equality. Hospersa endorses and lobbies for gender mainstreaming as a means of achieving gender equality. Hospersa has dedicated committees, tasked with developing and implementing programmes for gender equality. Hospersa has endorsed the 50/50 principle, and strives for the fair representation of women in the union.

Elected union structures for gender equality

The Hospersa Constitution makes provision for elected National and Provincial office bearers to deal with advancement of gender equality.

Women’s Leadership Development

Hospersa’s young female shop stewards are exposed to various opportunities to develop leadership skills through various platforms, and the union’s women leaders are also proactively engaged in activities that are aimed at educating workers about various forms of gender-based violence and addressing its reduction in the workplace and in society as a whole.

Gender Mainstreaming

Hospersa has made a specific commitment to gender mainstreaming as an effective tool in achieving gender equality.

Employment Equity Committees

Hospersa encourages shop stewards to participate actively in workplace Employment Equity Committees to ensure that equality for all previously disadvantaged and marginalised groups is addressed.