About 60 years ago, a group of public servants employed at provincial hospitals in the public sector identified the need for individual and collective representation, which resulted in the formation of the Hospital Public Servants Association in the former Transvaal. In 1989, it merged with the Association of Cape Provincial Hospitals to form the Hospital Personnel Association of SA. In the same year, employee organisations received recognition and the right to bargain collectively for their members. With the achievement of this milestone and with the growing sense of democracy that pervaded the country, Hospersa sought recognition as a trade union – and was registered with the Department of Labour, as a trade union, on June 3, 1994. Hospersa expanded its operation to the Free State and KZN. In 1995, a further merger occurred when Hospersa and the Natal Provincial Administration Personnel Association amalgamated.


As a democratic, worker-driven organisation, Hospersa represents workers in the following sectors:

  • Public Health – All institutions under the national and provincial Departments of Health, including hospitals and nursing colleges.
  • Public Welfare – All institutions under the national and provincial Departments of Social Development.
  • General Public Service – All national and provincial departments.
  • Education – Teachers employed in the Public Service.
  • Private Health – All private hospitals and health care institutions, including Netcare, Medi-Clinic, independent hospitals, the SA National Blood Transfusion Services, the National Health Laboratory Services, pharmacies and rehabilitation centres.
  • Private Welfare – Private and non-governmental organisations rendering welfare services.
  • Private General – Organisations include SA National Parks and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.




Committing to maximum unity among workers in all sectors. Striving for human dignity, effective service delivery and protection of our members’ rights in the workplace as well as in civil society, in line with Hospersa’s Constitution.


To render a professional service to all our members through democratically elected structures which are mandated by members in the interests of protecting them against any unfair practices.

To encourage professionalism of all our members towards each other and ensure that the community is treated with respect and dignity.

To promote a democratic labour environment and society, free from any unfair discrimination against gender, religion, race, culture or political beliefs; or any other form of unfair discrimination against any individual or group of people.

To unite and organise in all sectors in which our beliefs, values and aspirations are shared.