Hospersa professionally organises and serves to protect workers' interests and rights in the workplace. This is done in a democratic manner, free from employers' and political interference. As an active role player in a host of projects pertaining to health and welfare, Hospersa contributes to many publications. Watch this space for newsletters featuring Hospersa.


Teachers and police resign in mistaken belief about pensions (13 Feb 2015)
TEACHERS, police officers and other members of the Government Employee Pension Fund (GEPF) are continuing to resign due to the mistaken assumption

Increase in petrol price is likely as oil rises (13 Feb 2015)
MOTORISTS may have to pay more for petrol over the next two months after having enjoyed six months of consecutive price cuts.

Controversial clause on state custodianship of assets cut from bill (13 Feb 2015)
THE controversial clause in the draft Promotion and Protection of Investment Bill allowing for the state to take

Unless freedom is for everyone, it is not freedom (13 Feb 2015)
WHEN principles are applied to some but not others, they become prejudices

Panel to consider merits of legal rhino horn trade (13 Feb 2015)
SA HAS appointed a panel of experts to examine the viability of a legal rhino horn trade, the environmental affairs ministry said on Tuesday as poach

KZN's mystery R61m hospital bus tender (29 Jan 2015)
Durban - A tender for four mobile clinics in KwaZulu-Natal will end up costing taxpayers a "crazy" R61m - and only two of the units have been